Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Happy for You

Hello everyone. I just want to post this one for you. I haven’t seen Sandara Park for a long time ago. If you already forget her, then you may remember may remember her in her tag-line “mahal ko kayo” or our “pambansang krung2x ng Pinas”. She was discovered as an artist here in the Philippines- mainly in SCQ (Star Circle Quest). After her wee time in showbiz and popularity, she left the Philippines. After that I never heard news about her. Until I read an article from the net about her…
I knew that she went back in her homeland- Korea- and I heard lately that she’s now a new promising artist in Korea… a “Korean sensation”. I search how true it was until I found the answer.

Well, I’m happy for her. Though I cannot see her anymore on TV- Philippine TV- but still I’m so happy for her because she already found the right opportunity for her. I’m glad to see her as a Korean artist. She looks good and more convincing artist.
Since Sandy is happy with her life… then let’s be happy for her.
Be happy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Friendship

This photo was taken at the City Hall.
Though it hurts our feet, but believe it or not... we can still run here as fast as we could.

We were at the Gaisano mall. WE both bought this T-shirt.
We pose at the dressing room. LOL. The other customers were waiting.

At the CED (Collge of Education) lobby.
We were waiting for out techear (Sir Cidi) to come.

After all those stressful school work we can still say... cheese.

In front of the CED (College of Education) building- our college building.
We were on the tree.

LOL. I do really have fear in heights. 

Don't ask me about the pose. This is the funniest pose I ever did.

Hi everyone. If your going to ask me who is my friends? Well, I cannot specify any because I have a lot of friends to tell. But if you’re going to ask me, to tell you about my funny friend, I can precisely introduce to you my friend Beth.
This is my closest friend Beth, and we have a lot of memories together- and, most of the time funny memories. The friendship that we have is immeasurable. We spend most of the time in doing foolishness- but not violating the law. I can say that she’s one in a million friends that is very rare to find. When I’m with her, I can say that truly my world rocks. I thank god for giving me such funny and understanding friend.
Keep in touch for more funny and hilarious photos with my friend.
Keep going.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Funny Movie

I just recently watched this movie entitled, Ace Venture Jr. - The Pet Detective.
For sure, you will enjoy watching this movie just like I did. I watched this movie together with my sisters, Marilou and Marinel. How about you? Maybe you should try watching it sometime. Together with your family, for sure you will enjoy your day.
Have a happy day. Keep going.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Currently Enjoying...

Yes. Live a life with happiness. I always thank God for everyday and every hour of my life. I just want to live it happily. And for today’s happy hour, well here’s what I’ve been watching right now. Introducing…

it's all about friendship, courage and music...

I cannot deny that I do really love to watch this kind of movies. I’m somewhat childish but I’m mature in thoughts. I just want to be a child again at this very moment. Have happy hour everyone.
Here’s the sound track of the movie. I hope you’ll love it.

Title of the song: Two voices one Song

Title of the song: Connected

It’s all about friendship, love, and courage. Oh… I miss my best friend Beth indeed.

Have a happy hour. God bless.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dream Kiss

Always wash your cheeks before you go to sleep…
sweet dreams...

… You’ll never know who’s going to kiss them in your dreams.LOL.
Have a blessed evening. Keep going and be happy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gruation Photos

These are one of the memorable photos that I will always treasure. This is the time when my sister graduated in college.This was taken from my sister’s gradation. Keep going and be happy always.

Always set your goal. And be happy in fulfilling it.
Happy LinGZ

Refreshing Post

Have a happy day everyone. I just wan to apologize for the long interval f posts. It’s been a long time since the time I’ve posted on these blog. Maybe because, I’m so busy or I cannot do multi-tasking. I cannot manage my time and been so busy for my other blogs.But I think this will be the right time to post- since it is summer break. So let’s continue the happiness and keep going.
Always remember that I’ll always be your friend who is willing to share the inevitable and so-called “happy virus” with you.