Monday, January 12, 2009

Be part of this Group of Friends

Happy I am. Give time to visit this blog. Together with my bunch of friends, we will together Laugh out Loud. They say laughter is the best medicine, so be happy. I will help you... Giving smiles to everyone is my tack. Hope you will have a life that never mourns and melancholic-free life.

Keep yourself Happy. We can be friends and we will Laugh out Loud.

My Blogs are in Progress

Finally, after the 3 months in blogging... I can see that all my blogs are in Progress. Though I'm new from this stuff, but there is so-called "recognition" from my hard-work and sacrifices. My blogs are now truly competitive blogs.

Here are my blogs I've established blogs from my 3-months of hard work:

My first blog. My foundation.

My Domain. My second Blog.

My newly-born blog. My baby blog.

Keep on Blogging... Keep on going. Please support my very precious blogs. Thank You!

Plus Hapiness

The the blog that brings hapiness is here. Happy Virus blog is the blog that talks about spreading happiness from myself to others. A 100 percent talks about happiness and memorable experience of my life... to share the unstoppable happiness.Little by little it kills the phenomenal disease called "sadness". Sadness is strictly prohibited in this blog.
Be free from doubt, mourn and despair. Keep in touch and keep in mind that in your life, never neglect the time when you laugh out loud, you smile unconsciously, you jump up high for the overwhelming joy. Life is so meaningful, God created it for you to be Happy... and share it's happiness to others. Be Happy and help spread the "Happy Virus".

Be Happy when you blog.

This is for you...

Take this gift and don't ask why.