Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eyeshield 21: The Story of Courage

Hello everyone. I was happily enjoying my favorite manga series entitled “Eyeshield 21"- a story of a boy in his quest (with his team) in an American football. This is a story of courage and trust (within you). This is a Japanese manga aired here in the Philippines. I hope that you can spend time watching it keep going.

-Have a happy day to everyone.

Monday, June 22, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Do you wonder how Goldilocks buildup our father-daughter-relationship with my dad?

Papa is not strict, but I grew up with a fear on him.

Since I was young, whenever I heard papa coming home from his work, I hurriedly hide my drawing notebook and all my drawings under my pillow and began to study my lessons. “Study first”. This is the rule I've emplemented for myself- because of my dad. Drawing is my talent but it is considered as hidden... a “hidden talent”.

When I started joining inter-school and regional competition in poster making, Goldilocks became a part of my success. I can still remember the moment when I handed him (my Dad) with Goldilocks Polvoron as my pasalubong (present) after the contest. His “thank you” (with hug) really touches me. Truly, Goldilocks symbolizes “victory”- victory in winning Dad’s appreciation in my talent. (Since then, Goldilocks Polvoron became one of my favorite).
Dad is a carpenter, but he became my "silent teacher".

The moment I saw dad fixing his broken eyeglasses with a masking tape, he taught me how to be patient in reading my notes and books during my over night study. Whenever I saw papa sweating when he’s bicycling kilometers away from his working place to our house (back and forth), he taught me how to endure in every tiring projects and exams I’ve encountered in school. Dad will always be an inspiration to me and I'll never stop learning from him.

Dad has given me all his BEST and he will always be my #1 dad.

Though I’m still afraid - afraid for failure and disappointment- but I’m working and doing my best for him.

This Father’s Day…
Celebrate your #1 Dad with the #1 Goldilocks!

Papa deserves to be appreciated and awarded with the best cake in the world. With Goldilocks’ Choco Roll, its perfect moist and fluffy choco-filled cake, surely you will crave for more. Goldilocks is the perfect and the #1 gift that I can give to my Dad...
...as a sign of appreciation
...a reward
and a gift of love.
It's our happiest day because we celebrated with our #1 Dad, with the #1 Goldilocks...

Yahoo! We celebrated Father's Day with Goldilocks’ Choco Roll cake
You’re the 1, Goldilocks because you bring out Dad’s sweetest…
Smile :)

Dreams do come true. So, don’t stop believing.
(my very own oil-pastel drawing)
Only in Goldilocks when my drawing comes to…

Happy Father's Day...
Papa. We love you.

Thank You Goldilocks for sharing another wonderful and happiest moment with us.
- a memoirs of a HAPPY day from LinGZ

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Note To God - Charice Pempengco Hit Single

I'm speechless. It's awesome.
Go Charice. I'm proud to be a Filipino.
I'm so happy for you.
God bless you.

Happy LinGZ