Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great War

While stumbling, I’ve visited this site which really makes me laugh. It was called the “Icon Story”. The icons in the desktop were really having a great fight. It all started by the msn messenger icon, then all of the others was all in a mess. Until every icon die except for the Recycle Bin icon that does not join the war and the Diablo II game icon that eat the other icons. I really want to embed the video of the story but unfortunately I can’t do so. That’s why I just took a capture of the site video. Here:

I’d love if you could just visit the site. Here it is, check it out! Icon War
Have a happy virus laugh! Lol

Starting Over Again

I have launched this blog for a month already but now I still have a minimum of post. I want to have this blog to explore my happiness inside. So let me start it over again. I know I really got a busy schedule but I really hope this time I can continue posting on this site. Hope to have some time to sit back and recall all my happiness so that I could share it with you. Let’s laugh together and smile every second.
Have a happy virus day!