Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First time to Attend JS Prom

My sister used to call me Michael Jackson in that pics... ^_^?? (Me, Beth and Li An)
Pretty in red and black casual dress... (looks like vampire.. LOL)

Taking photos with friends... that's it.. then eat.. then went home... *sigh
We'll... I can't really write thousand words when I say about my “first time experience at the prom"...
For me, it’s somewhat boring or what, maybe it’s because I’m not used in socializing people. I mingled with my classmates and my old friends- that was maybe one of the interesting part.
My high school friend (which happened to be my crush before) asked me to dance later but I transferred - me and my classmates- to other table that's why it won't happen at all (he wasn't able to find me) ...
I know some of you are excited to hear a lot from my JS prom, but I can’t say a lot of stuffs I did. But I hope the pictures are fine. Sometimes, when we expect so much we ended up something not contented.
JS Promenade… maybe an experience but I can’t consider it as an “unforgettable experience”.
Keep going everyone. God bless.